What we do

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Count on our expertise to maximize the value of your estate!

  • Pricing—From fine antiques to collectibles to jewelry and other household items (like clothing, furniture). All are visibly priced and tagged. So don't throw anything away!

  • Marketing—We advertise your sale online. We also provide all street signs on the day of your sale, displays, and lighting.

  • Online auction services—Available for your most valuable items.

  • Timely liquidation—We're sensitive to your timeline needs. In just two weeks (sometimes less), we  prepare and organize your home,  making it ready for a 1-3 day public sale.

  • Staffing—Your estate sale will be staffed with numerous team members who are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.

  • Buyouts & clean outs also available—The whole house,  jewelry (gold, silver, and costume),  vintage ladies clothing, accessories, handbags, hats, and belts etc. We can evaluate and take a look at everything!  So talk with us first.  And after your sale's conclusion, we help arrange removal and clean out of all unwanted items and more. 

As always, we offer free consultations!